Delivering our vision

Through the quality of design and a rigorous approach to placemaking, Parlington will become a benchmark for housing design, creating an enduringly popular place to live, work and visit.

A team of leading consultants has been carrying out a wide range of studies and a master planning exercise. This has helped us to take a comprehensive approach, and make sure that we are meeting all our objectives in creating an exemplar new settlement.

The wider Parlington Estate has been studied in detail so that the new settlement can be woven carefully around the existing buildings and within the landscape. We want to preserve and enhance all the elements of the estate, and make the new village a real part of the historic fabric.

The surrounding villages and towns have been studied to create a ‘Pattern Book’ of local settlement patterns, architectural themes and building materials. This will inform a Design Code, with future houses at Parlington meeting high standards of design and construction in full.

Map of proposed settlment in context of surrounding areas Parlington within the wider area

A garden village

“Human society and the beauty of nature are meant to be enjoyed together” – Ebenezer Howard, the founder of the original Garden City movement.

We have applied Garden Village principles to reflect the context and character of the Estate. You can find out more about Garden Villages on the RTPI website.

This will allow us to provide all of the homes, employment areas and physical and community infrastructure to create an attractive and sustainable settlement . The vision for Parlington will be developed through further engagement with local people and stakeholders as the planning process moves forward.

To understand how the preferred option has been developed upon you can download the draft masterplan that was prepared to support the allocation of Parlington in Leeds City Council’s Revised Site Allocations Plan 2018.

Map of phase 1 development of Parlington Village Illustrative layout for proposed allocation of houses