Nellie's tree, the Woodland Trust England's tree of the year 2018

29th October 2018

Woodland Trust England's Tree of the Year

We are delighted that Nellie’s Tree, on the Parlington Estate, has been voted as The Woodland Trust England’s Tree of the Year 2018. To find out more about romantic story behind Nellie’s Tree, please visit The Woodland Trust website:

Map of proposed settlement in context of surrounding areas

19th August 2018

Leeds City Council’s Site Allocations Plan

A small part of the Parlington Estate is ideally placed to provide a large proportion of the homes required for the Outer North East (ONE), Housing Market Characteristic Area (HMCA) of Leeds, as part of a sustainable, long-term solution.

The idea of building homes on one ‘strategic’ site in the Outer North East has been an important feature of Leeds City Council’s Site Allocations Plan, which identifies where it is preferred that development should take place.

The alternative to Parlington would be a series of piecemeal bolt-on housing estates that would be likely to affect every village in the area. These would be too small to provide the required community facilities and infrastructure to offer a sustainable solution.

The map above shows how many sites might come forward if Parlington is removed from the Site Allocations Plan.