Parlington Village provides an outstanding opportunity to deliver a sustainable new community based upon Garden Village principles supporting the future growth of Leeds.

We will provide a wide range of high-quality homes of different types, sizes and tenures, including affordable housing, community infrastructure like a primary school, healthcare facilities and shops, together with a variety of employment spaces.

Aerial illustraton of Parlington Village homes

The village will be set within the rolling landscape, surrounded by mature woodland and newly planted trees, permanently separating it from the nearby villages of Aberford and Barwick in Elmet.

Illustrative view to the Triumphal Arch from Parlington Village Illustrative view to the Triumphal Arch

The village will have excellent links to established and new railway stations, local bus routes and cycleways as well as to the M1 which is close by.

There will be a generous amount of open space: currently private tracks will become paths, cycle routes and bridleways to be enjoyed. Within the village there will be parks, greens, squares, community allotment gardens and orchards as well as outdoor sports facilities.

We value the heritage of the Estate. We believe this is an opportunity to breathe new life into the private historic core of the Estate which will enable us to protect and enhance it. We will restore, conserve and reuse some of the historic buildings and structures, encouraging wider public access and appreciation of them.

The natural environment is equally important: we will improve biodiversity with an enhancement and management plan which will cover the wider area of the Estate.

Current view of the Triumphal Arch Current view

This website sets out our plans for Parlington Village. We look forward to sharing them further, and to hearing your views, as we continue to draw up the plans.

Why a new garden village community?

The development of new Garden Village communities like Parlington is an established part of the National Planning Policy Framework. The Government is committed to supporting the delivery of these types of communities to address the current national housing need.

Illustrated masterplan of Parlington Village Illustrative Masterplan

The alternative to Parlington would be a series of piecemeal bolt-on housing estates that would be likely to affect every village in the area. These would be too small to provide the required community facilities and infrastructure to offer a sustainable solution. Common results of this type of development include:

  • Oversubscribed facilities like schools and surgeries
  • Infrequent and limited public transport options
  • Extra pressure on a road network reaching capacity where mitigation is not possible
  • Overburdened drainage and sewage systems
  • Coalescence with other nearby villages many of which are in danger of merging
  • Impact on conservation areas and the historic character of villages without any heritage restoration and access improvements.

We believe that providing housing on a strategic site is the best option for the area, and that Parlington will deliver this solution.


A well-managed new development would mean economic, environmental and social benefits for people already living in the area.

A new Garden Village at Parlington would create a true community, providing a range of benefits for existing and future residents, including:

  • Affordable housing
  • Housing for older people
  • A range of employment spaces
  • Physical and community infrastructure and services
  • A primary school and other educational opportunities
  • Healthcare facilities, such as a doctor’s surgery or clinic
  • Shops
  • New and improved public transport links for the area
  • An increase in the amount of publicly accessible green space
  • Access to the heritage assets on the Parlington Estate


The proposals for Parlington Village are strengthened by the fact that M&G Real Estate owns the whole of the Parlington Estate and has the expertise to deliver and a real commitment to quality placemaking and community development.

Collage of Parlington Village illustrations